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Recreation and Play

Advocating for opportunities for recreation and play in playgrounds, parks, and informal play spaces.

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Other Initiatives



Safe & Kid Friendly Streets

Why Is Play 


  • Decresed chances of obesity

  • Refines motor skills

  • Community playspaces have a positive effect on social cohesion and community connections

  • Builds confidence and social skills

  • Improves, creativity, academic performance, and memory

Waterfront Park


Seattle’s waterfront will be transformed into a park from Pioneer Square to Belltown after the removal of the viaduct. In 2013, a preliminary plan showing the rough concept was released to the public. Despite including kid-friendly amenities such as water fountains with splash pools and climbable boulders, the design did not include a playground.  Parents for a Better Downtown Seattle reached out to the City and its consultants urging them to include a playground to serve neighborhood and visiting children.  The City was receptive to the idea, and we’re happy to announce that a 3,000 square foot dedicated playground is now included in the design.  The playground will be centrally located along the waterfront at Union Street next to the Seattle Aquarium.  Adjacent to the playground there will also be a large area programed to appeal to older children. 


Parents for a Better Downtown Seattle is continuing to work with the City on the final design of both the playground and adjacent play area. 


For additional information visit:

Westlake and Lenora Park


Parents for a Better Downtown Seattle led the effort to bring local families together for a series of public outreach events with the Parks Department and the landscape architect. The outcome is that the park, although limited in size and serving a variety of uses, will include play features for children.  

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