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Who We Are


Established in 2013, we are parents commited to raising our children in Downtown Seattle. We advocate for family oriented infrastructure, policies, and initiatives.

Our Steering Committee


Our Steering Committee is a diverse mix of parents and engaged Downtown residents.  We are designers, planners, stay at home moms, attorneys, and much more who care about creating a Downtown that is livable and viable for families and children.

Committee Members

Emily George

Jen Kelly

Mirel Gutarra

Andrea Miller


Bradley Calvert

Michael George

Steve Gillepsie

Grace Leong

How You Can be Involved


We are always looking for active and engaged families and residents.  Whether it is our monthly meeting to exchange ideas and strategies, or representatives to discuss parks, education, housing, or community, we are always on the look out for volunteers and members on our Steering Committee.  And being that we work to make Downtown more Family Friendly, kids are welcomed!  We understand as working families that lives can be hectic so participation is always subject to your availability.


Contact us to be involved or to stay informed. 

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